from the desk of the CIO

I would like to wish you all a very happy and successful New Year 2017.

Over the past two years, we have seen massive disruptive global changes that are driven by technology.

We, at Zamil Industrial, are seeing an important shift in the way businesses are effectively exploiting technology to transform markets, relationships, and processes. Digital transformation is the key to unlocking productivity gains and competitive advantage.

As with all shifts in technology, we have started a pilot project to make our HVAC products “Smart” by connecting Chillers to the internet using IOT (Internet of Things) platform that will enable us to predict situations from collected data and have automated alarms for service and maintenance that can facilitate new services.

In addition, Smart Mobile App development becomes part of our IT portfolio; new initiatives have started for handful apps to facilitate real-time engagement.

Besides, Zamil ITG has made significant progress in standardizing business processes across Zamil Steel globally. In addition, many processes were improved and automated in the area of Sales, Engineering, Material Planning, Mobile Supply Chain, Finance, HR, and Logistics in ZI BUs. This seamless integration of processes leads to the availability of information for efficient handoffs between functions and gather information early at every stage for business to improve productivity, reduction in reworks and cost management.

With the increase in the sophistication of cyber threats, we have enhanced the monitoring capabilities, incident response and enforcing IT policies including user awareness training to protect our company data, intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance.

Leveraging the power of digitization is not simply about incorporating new technologies, it is transforming every aspect of how we deliver IT Services and act effectively in pursuit of business goals.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for their great and continuous support.

Zaki Sabbagh

Chief Information Officer, Zamil ITG (01-Jan-2017)